Beat travel stress and improve efficiency with our digital tools

We’ve made it easy to stay in touch and manage your finances remotely 

This month, the temporary closure of Station Road is causing disruption to anyone visiting us from the south. At times like this, online tools that eliminate the need for travel are a huge bonus – at Maitland, we’ve made it easier than ever before to manage your finances remotely and stay in touch using digital tools like ClearBooks and Skype.

Meeting at Maple Barn

Welcoming you to our offices and visiting your workplace to speak face-to-face is an important part of our service at Maitland. Nonetheless, meetings take up time and, in today’s world, they aren’t always the most efficient way to work.

For some matters, online tools can be more productive – rather than battle through roadworks on your way to a meeting, you could view your finances in ‘the cloud’, hold online conversations, and receive live training or support from our team without having to meet with us in person.

5 easy-to-use digital tools for remote contact with Maitland

We’ve made it easier than ever before to manage your finances and work with us remotely. Cloud software has taken the accounting world online, and high-speed fibre broadband now makes it’s easy to contact us through Skype. Whether you’re affected by this month’s travel disruption, or simply want to work more efficiently, here are five digital tools we think you should be using:

1. ClearBooks

Accessible 24/7, ClearBooks allows you to view your financial information in real-time and manage your accounts from your laptop, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device. Our Online Accounts Team are also fully qualified in using Xero and Free Agent software.
Find out more at; or log-in to your ClearBooks account.

2. Skype

Download the free Skype app onto your computer, phone or TV and use it to contact us via text, voice or video call. With Skype, you can use your computer screen at the same time as talking or typing messages to us, so it’s particularly useful if we’re talking through your accounts, or explaining how to use new software.
Download the Skype app at

3. Twitter

The Maitland Twitter feed keeps you up-to-date with news, tips and useful links. No post is longer than 140-characters, so it’s a fast way to find resources, stay in the know, or engage with the rest of the Maitland community – as well as reading our posts, you can share, ‘like’ and comment on what we say, or contact us directly using the ‘Direct Message’ function.
View and follow our page on Twitter or @Maitland_Acc.

4. Online guides & resources

Accountants for freelancers, contractors and consultants - Brighton and Susse

Use the ‘Resources’ tab on our website to access our digital guides and other useful resources. You can download things like our ClearBooks guide and Monthly Reporting guide, or follow our recommended links for further support.

5. Maitland Blogs

Visit our blog page for news, updates and bite-size guides. Regularly updated, our blogs keep you informed about what’s going on at Maitland and HMRC, and offer you practical tips for managing your finances more effectively.
Visit our blog page.

Accountants for freelancers, contractors and consultants - Brighton and Susse

Communication at Maitland has never been better

Of course, alongside our digital tools, we always welcome your emails and phone calls. Completely flexible, you now have more freedom to select the communication methods that suit you best, and we’re always here with support if you’d like to try something new.

We recommend combining the efficiency of digital tools with the quality of face-to-face meetings and, here at our Maple Barn offices, we’re always ready to welcome you with tea and biscuits – just remember, if you’re travelling here from the south before February 10th, you’ll need to factor in an extra ten minutes for those road works!
To find out more about our digital tools visit, contact us via Skype or Twitter, or speak to our team on 01825 748308.