Top 5 Business Networking Events

Business Networking in Brighton & Sussex

Business to business networking in Brighton and Sussex is big business and it is an excellent way of building your brand through relationship building (also called relationship marketing) and it means that your business (and you) are continually at the forefront of other businesses minds when looking for products and services. This also means that other attendees will more readily recommend your business or refer more business to you if they have met you face to face.

This will definitely help with your overall marketing strategy if you think that your brand or business needs to be seen 7 times before a customer considers buying your products or services.

Claiming the costs

Did you know that you can claim the cost of travel to and from an event, as well as overnight and incidental expenses, like a hotel room, laundry costs and meals. This applies only if you are attending the event ‘wholly and exclusively’ for business purposes. See our section on Business Travel for more information.

Business Networking events in Brighton and Sussex

Hosting a Business Networking Event

You may be able to claim some tax relief for the cost of hosting a networking event, provided it is ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the benefit of your business eg. to attract new clients, recruit new staff, or promote your company. Expenses may include things like hiring an event space, paying for drink and snacks, and hosting a speaker.

Business Networking events in Brighton and Sussex

Our Top 5 Business Networking Events

We always recommend business networking events and business networking clubs as an effective and cost effective way of raising your profile and a great marketing tool for business. Here are some of the business networking groups and clubs in Brighton, Hove and Sussex, with further information so you can work out whether these groups are right for you.

1. Network Albion

The Network Albion Business Club is Brighton & Hove Albion FC’s official business networking group, run and managed by Network My Club and Maitland are proud members.

Network Albion offers quality monthly networking opportunities with business from across Sussex of all sectors and sizes, a host of exclusive benefits to members, and the chance to showcase their business at the American Express Community Stadium.

Website: Network Albion Business Club

Membership based, apply here to join or give Andy Maitland a shout and he can give you more information.

2. BNI

If you are a start up business and you need to put your name out there then this is a great group for many reasons. It allows you to learn about being a small business, it allows synergies with people that are going through the same things you are and it is a good way of getting referred business if you join the right chapter. It is also good for established businesses and some companies we know have been members for 15+ years. Hosted weekly over breakfast across Sussex/ the UK. Formal networking. Groups vary from 15- 35 businesses depending on chapter size. Starts about 6.30am.

Website: BNI Brighton

Can attend as a guest if you are invited, membership organisation.

3. Chambers of Commerce

With different Chambers events in different towns and cities the Brighton group is very active and attracts a dynamic crowd of individuals. Usually hosted on the last Friday of every month at Carluccios. The format is informal networking over breakfast followed by a guest speaker. Take plenty of business cards. Starts about 7am.

Website: Chambers of Commerce Brighton

Can attend as a guest, membership organisation, monthly.

4. Juice Breakfast

A monthly informal vibrant business to business networking event which is hosted across a number of great venues in Brighton. One month it may be at The Grand Hotel, The Hilton, Sussex Cricket Ground and so it is recommended you join their mailing list and keep in touch with where it is for a given month. Hosted by Juice FM radio station with guest speakers who pay for sponsorship slots. Starts about 7.30am.

Website: Juice Breakfast Club

No membership required, first come first served, monthly.

5. Gatwick Diamond Business networking.

Quite a high profile networking event where high profile SME’s and blue chip businesses integrate together usually at one of the larget Gatwick hotels. Formal (suited) networking where you can only attend as a guest once, then afterwards you can join their big network and immerse yourself fully into their network of businesses. Organisation sits alongside the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.

Website: Gatwick Diamond Business Networking Events 

Membership based, monthly, expensive.

Disclaimer: All the above information was correct at the time of posting. Please check all websites for details and any changes before attending.

Business Networking events in Brighton and Sussex

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