Meet the client

Meet Nick at Restaurants Brighton

Several years ago we were introduced to Nick Harvey who runs an online restaurant guide for Brighton and Sussex which is called Restaurants Brighton. Nick had been running the business for close to 5 years and recently it had reached that point where turnover was increasing, VAT registration was looming and Nick and his team needed to simplify things so he could get on with running his business.

Why Maitlands?

Nick chose Maitland Accountancy because he was recommended to us by a friend and looking after freelancers is something we do very well. He was looking for a new accountant as he was concerned about always filing his accounts in a last minute fashion. Nick was not convinced that his current accountant would fit the bill with regards to organising him for VAT registration and helping him run his accounts in a more organised way was one of his objectives.

Making the change after 10 years

Nobody relishes accountancy tasks but doing them last minute makes them much worse.  He was naturally apprehensive with the idea of moving from his other accountant to Maitland after 10 years and it was our job to make this as straight forward as possible.

Moving Accountants is not easy

Now most of us are naturally averse to changes and just like switching your bank the thought of changing accountants can initially be daunting…..However you won’t know how different things will be until you take the plunge.

Nick’s is an owner operated business working from home and he outsources to a team of freelance writers and photographers so Restaurants Brighton has the best possible perception online.

Nick works with over 100 clients who are restaurants, pubs or cafes and a growing area of his business is photography for social media.

Implementing Change and Growing the Business

After several face-to-face meetings it was agreed that Nick and his team would use the ClearBooks accounting software which meant that from this point forwards all his accounts would be simplified and online, they would always be up-to-date and this system would help with advising all clients that he was soon to become VAT registered. ClearBooks would also help with the filing of quarterly VAT returns.

In Nicks Words

“Since I started working with Andy over 2 years ago I now feel completely relaxed about where I am with my business. Maitland are my accounts conscience when it comes to anything accounts related so I will always feel that they are one step ahead of me when it comes to filing any returns or making intelligent financial decisions. Andy and his team have made things very easy for me and my team and they are 100% reliable and professional.”

Speak with the Experts

If you want to talk about moving your accounts, growing your business or becoming VAT registered then please get in touch and we can guide you through these areas just like we have with Nick. Please speak to our team and call us on 01825 748308